The set consists of:

  • 2 golden hook screws
  • 2 golden loops for attaching the line to
  • 3m/118in of extra-strong nylon line
  • Printed instructions

In order to attach pyramid to the ceiling with this set:

1. Find North using a compass – pyramids´ energy flows best if one side of the pyramid faces North

2. Choose whether to have the hooks placed North-South or East-West facing, 1-1,5m /39-60in apart from each other.
The hooks are meant to be attached to a wooden ceiling. In case the ceiling is of other materials, use appropriate dowels and screw the hook into the dowel. The attached hooks should be facing opposite sides.

3. Put the line through both oval rings and tie the ends together leaving the DOUBLE line with a suitable length. It is recommended to leave the line a bit longer first in order to adjust the length of the line if you need to at a later stage.

4. Then attach one of the oval rings to the hook, put the second ring with line through the top of the pyramid, and attach the second ring to the second hook.

5. Now you have the pyramid hanging from your ceiling and if you like, you can adjust the line to lift or lower the height where the pyramid hangs, by adjusting the length of the line.

Disclaimer: Since I have not placed it, I cannot give a guarantee nor take any responsibility for any failure of the pyramid fixing nor for any injuries faulty set up might cause. All responsibility for the pyramid falling off or cases of injuries lays on the person hanging it up.
The pyramids hanged up with this set should not weigh more than 1.5kg/4lbs for safety reasons ( although the line should bear up to 10 kg/22lbs.

Weight 0.1 kg


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